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Reference management

Endnote software download:

Log in to the Student portal: www.student.lu.se

2. Click "SERVICES" and then "Computer programmes download".

3. (Only if you use Internet Explorer: Open the folder “Student”.)

4. Open the folder that represents your operating system.

5. Open the folder that represents the program.

6. Download all files in the folder and follow the instructions.

To download the software, you must either be connected on the University network, or if you are sitting outside campus use a VPN client. Information about where to get the client can be found on the Student portal. PhD students using a Lucat account cannot download from the Student portal, it requires a student account. If you do not have a student account, please contact the license manager at your institution.


If you want to start using RefWorks, this is an online reference management tool. If you're accessing RefWorks from outside Lund University's network you will need to first log in using a group code. The group code is available from LUBsearch. There is a word plugin that connects with Refworks when referencing. Go to Tools in when logged in to Refworks and follow the downloading instructions to your computer.