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Reference management: Export from database

A Libguide on how to use software tools for reference management

About this section


Since almost all databases have different ways of exporting references into RefWorks we here give some examples of databases most used in the Social Sciences. Feel free to contact us if you are missing instruction on another database and we will add instructions.

As an employee or a student at the Faculty of Social Sciences you can always contact us, either Ann-Sofie Zettergren, Maja Carlson or Sara Rondahl by e-mail: ref@sambib.lu.se.

Adding references to your New Refworks account

There are different ways to add references to your account. The easiest way is to find the reference in a search system / database, such as LUBsearch, and export it to your RefWorks account (see box below). However, you can also:

  • Upload a file (such as a pdf) from your own computer, by selecting Upload document or dragging the document into your account. The reference will probably need to be edited in the correct fields of reference box to the right once it is uploaded, but the full document is also there.
  • Import a reference from a file, if you cannot direct export from databases. This option needs to be used to import references from LIBRIS (see box below). Remember to choose the correct import filter.
  • Create a new reference. Manually create a reference for unpublished documents or documents that you cannot find in a database for export.



To be able to save several records from a list of records, you need to save the entire list in a folder. You can either log into My EbscoHOST and use that folder or use a temporary folder without logging in. 

If logging into My EbscoHOST:

Click Add to folder for records you want to export to RefWorks. Or use Alert/Save/Share to use all records in the page (you need to do this for each page of records). Your records will now appear in the right column further up the page, click ”Folder view”.


Here you can mark the records you want to export to RefWorks. Click the icon with the green arrow.

Choose (if not default) ”Direct Export to RefWorks”. Select if you are using Legacy (old) or New RefWorks.


The references will be imported directly into your library.

If you are using a temporary folder without logging into My EbscoHOST, do the same. The only difference is that the temporary folder will not be saved, but disappear when you leave EbscoHOST.



Mark the interesting records and click "Cite" ("Skapa referenser" in Swedish).



Choose Format: RefWorks in the drop-down-menu and click "Save as file".


Save the records as a file and import this into RefWorks, by selecting the option "Import references" from your RefWorks account. The file should be imported as "RefWorks Tagged Format".

Google Scholar

To export citations from Google Scholar, select RefWorks from the Bibliography manager menu (in Settings --> Search results). You will now find a link below every search result in Google Scholar which says "Import into RefWorks". Remember to make sure that the reference looks complete and correct when you have it in your RefWorks account.

OR you can use the cite tool below the articles in Google scholar, and choose RefWorks from the list of formats available: