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Asian Studies - Subject Guide for Students: Find & Read

This guide is for students at the Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies, but can be used for others with Asia as a speciality

Encyclopedias and Reference Works

Find a journal or an article

If you can not find the article, we can try and order it from another library outside LU.
Order a journal article
Please fill in all the requested information, and make sure your request is for a copy, not a book.

Find publications and articles by numbers

ISBN - International Standard Book Number: a number to trace a specific book, or ebook by.
Example: 9789812303974 (print) (does not exist online)  "East Asia : between regionalism and globalism"

ISSN - International Standard Serial Number: a number to trace a specific journal by.
Example: 0143-6597 (print) 1360-2241 (online) "Third World Quarterly"

DOI - Digtal Object Identifier: a number to trace a specific ebook, chapter or article by. (This number will not change if, for instance, a book changes publisher.
Example:  Loubere, N: "Indebted to Development: Microcredit as (De)marginalisation in Rural China"

Read more about DOI.

Find a book

Find eBooks

Request a book

Search Engines

Search Tips

Truncating - expand your search to several related words:
Add an asterisk (*) after, before or in the middle of your search term, which expands your search to include all possible word combinations.

Boolean search operators - expand or limit the number of search results:
Depending on whether you want to expand or limit you search results, you can add AND, OR or NOT between your search terms.

Read more about search tips on the libraries' web.