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MIROTS -Making Internationalisation a Reality for Occupational Therapy Students

This Erasmus+ project is coordinated from Lund University and includes two partner Universities: University of Southampton and National University of Ireland, Galway. The following persons have been responsible for project management and for carrying out the work programme during 36 months:

From Lund University: Dr Kristina Orban and Dr Lisa Ekstam

From University of Southampton: Dr Juliette Truman, OT Lecturer Sarah McGinley

From National University of Ireland, Galway: Professor Agnes Shiel, Dr Sinead Hynes, OT Lecturer Jackie Fox

For more information about MIROTS you are welcome to contact the project leader

Kristina Orban: kristina.orban@med.lu.se 

Short description of project

Three Universities (Lund University (LU), University of Southampton (UoS) and National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) have collaborated in a strategic partnership funded through Erasmus+, European Commission. The aim of the project was to internationalise their curricula to support the development of intercultural skills and professional identity amongst occupational therapy students. The three-year project offered  two learning and teaching activities - a physical exchange and a virtual learning activity both of which were designed to internationalise the classroom; an exchange of staff skills; educational materials to enhance academic debate in the field of occupational injustice and the development of a tool to measure professional identity.  This handbook will offer commentary on the planning and execution of the activities and the outcomes and sustainability of the project.