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Human Geography, Human Ecology, Development Studies, and Sustainability Studies: Search & Evaluate

Search Strategy & Information Monitoring

How to make the nagivation of the information landscape easier

  • A search strategy, do I need that?
    Searching information can be time consuming. A thought through search strategy can save you a lot of time and improve the quality of the material you get. Your searches will be more efficient and there are tips and tricks that are good to know.
  • What kind of Information Resources do I need?
    There are many different kinds of resources out there. How do you know which one is the most suitable for your assignment or thesis? An introduction to the most common ones is provided.
  • What is Information Monitoring?
    How can I get the new most up to date information in my field? If you sign up for a free monitoring service you can easily get hold of the latest reseach and publications. They can be sent to your email if you register.

Guides and excercises

Films and excercises made by Lund university libraries, on different topics such as searching, evaluating, academic honesty etc. Most of it in Swedish, but quite a few in English as well.