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Akademiskt skrivande / Academic Writing

Academic Writing and Academic Honesty

What is the essence of academic writing? 

Why should I quote and cite when I write an academic text?

There is, when writing academic texts, a standardized and consistent way of how to construct references for texts and sources that you've been using. When writing an academic text you must be very careful to distinguish your own text from the parts that you have gathered from others'.  To do that you need to use a referencing system (for example Harvard) with references within the text as well as a bibliography at the end. The correct use of a referencing system is not only a question of academic writing but also a part of academic honesty and conduct.  


Denna webbplats är skapad av biblioteket på Blekinge Tekniska Högskola för att du som student ska få stöd i ditt akademiska skrivande. Här hittar du handfasta råd om skrivprocess, hur man hanterar källor och referenser samt hur du kan publicera.

Akademiskt skrivande

Samhällsvetenskapliga fakultetens bibliotek vid Lunds universitet

Research methods

Are you looking for literature on social research methods? Use these guides for tips:  

Research Methods – Social Sciences A guide to a selection of books on methods, research and academic writing in the social sciences. All books are available at the Social Science Faculty Library or as an e-book. 

Sage Research Methods is a tool designed to help you create research projects and understand the methods behind them. Here you'll find over 1400 method terms described and about 600 books and encyclopedias on research methods.

How's your English?


The AWELU platform is an online resource for academic writing in English at Lund University.

It should be noted that AWELU is not a course platform, but a resource platform for self-help, in the sense that the resources have been designed to help individual users working with their texts