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Generic knowledge and skills (Portfolio) 12 hp MEPO003: Home

This course guide contains supporting material for your portfolio work during your PhD studies.

Main Guide: Working with the web tool Mahara

The portfolio at the half time review

At the half time review, the portfolio is assessed by the two opponents and, after the seminar, also by the FU-prefekt. You are to submit your portfolio, in the form of a Mahara viewing page (URL link) or a pdf, to your opponents, together with the rest of the material to be assessed, no later than two weeks prior to the seminar.


Contact information

Course director:
Olga Göransson
Phone: 046-222 95 52,

Support portfolio work in Mahara
Yvonne Hultman Özek
Phone: 046-222 33 29

Matthias Bank
Phone: 046-222 33 07


IT support Mahara: