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Master students in East and South-East Asian Studies: Start

A guide to help you find and evaluate information, how to write and cite, and how to publish your thesis.

The Digital Asia Library

This guide consist of information about East and South-East Asia, and how to write and cite. In the box Want to know more about, you will find links to information about the different countries.
Start: General links to resources about Asia, Human rights, libraries, and some student information.
Find & Read: starting point to find information in journals, books and databases.
Journals: Academic journals about Asia divided by subject (still being developed).
Methods: Books, database and links about different methods.
Academic Integrity: Information about the Swedish rules of academic conduct.
Write & Cite : Academic writing, MOOC courses, referencing.
Publishing a Thesis: URKUND and LUP Student Papers.
Help & Contact: Technical and academic support.
Please ask the librarians if you need more help, or want to add links or report broken links!

News around the world about Asia

Look at the webinar for LexisNexis, and learn how to search in the database. [Access provided by Earnrolyn "Lynn" Smith at LexisNexis] 1 hour 7 minutes.

Links to other resourses

The Asia Library

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Good to know for students

Scholarships and grants for students

Want to know more about...

These country guides are being developed. If you can't click on the name it means that there isn't any country guide yet.


Burma / Myanmar


China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Tibet)

East Timor



Korea (North and South)