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Talking books


TorTalk -- Listen to your literature!

TorTalk is a tool you can use to listen to all types of texts, in your mobile phone and your computer.

You can select voice, language and reading speed.

All students and employees at Lund University has access to TorTalk.

TorTalk is available for PC and Mac, and as app for iPhone/iPad and Android.

After having installed the software you must activate it.

Install TorTalk on your computer

Install and activate/reactivate the TorTalk app

Before you can use the TorTalk app you need to install and activate it, using a licence key. Click on the relevant link below and log in with your LU id to get the licence key and the activation link.

You will need to reactivate the app once a year, in August, using the the same activation link and the current licence key.

Please note that you should not delete the app, just reactivate it. If you delete the app you will lose your files and images.