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Science faculty libraries and LTH libraries invite to following researcher seminars:

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Cajsa Andersson
Library of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
tel: 046-222 94 23,
e-mail: cajsa.andersson@kc.lu.se

Research data management (RDM) - in practice, Seminar May 4th

Welcome to the seminar
Research Data Management in practice

At the seminar, we will give a brief introduction to the open science movement and current trends. The main part of the seminar is devoted to research data management in practice, focusing on best practices for data management during the different stages of a research project.

You will learn about:

- Data management plans (DMPs)
- Describing the data with high quality metadata
- High performance computer processing
- Choosing a trusted repository for data publishing

The lecturers for this event are Maria Johnsson and Monica Lassi from the Department of Scholarly Communication, Lund University Library.

This is an arrangement by the Libraries at LTH and the Science Faculty.

Date: 4 May
Time: 13.15 - 15.00

Venue: LTH Study Centre, Pepparholm. John Ericssons väg 4, Lund.