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Library Guide for Physicists

Library guide for physics students

Contains resources on how to search, academic writing & conduct, critical evaluation, copy right issues, etc.

Course guides

The librarians can help you set up a library
guide tailored for your course.
Library guides are available for the following

How to handle student papers in LUP as Examinator / Supervisor

Your student have to register and upload his/her thesis in LUP.

It is mandatory for your student register and archive the thesis in fulltext in the LUP Student Papers database.

As teacher/examinator you need to review and approve the registration.

Follow this step-by-step:

1.   You need to register as a teacher in LUP
2.   Your student uploads the thesis
3.   You review and approve the thesis in LUP
4.   Your librarian than makes the thesis registreration public

Textbooks for my course


URKUND is a practical aid in plagiarism control and certifying the authenticity of professional texts.

URKUND automatically checks texts against the Internet, archives and databases and reports any similarities and offers source track-back in an easy to operate analysis.

Follow these steps to start using URKUND:

1. Send an e-mail to to get an account.

2. You will get a specific URKUND email-address. (

3. Give the address to the students whose work you wish to check.

4. The students will post their files to URKUND.

5. You will receive a notification from URKUND to your e-mail of the outcome.

The Feynman Lectures on Physics