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IIIEE Library and information resources guide

A LibGuide on Library and Information resources for the students and research staff of the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund university.

Writing and citing at the IIIEE

The IIIEE has decided to use APA (American Psychological Association) style, as the style is widely used, the date is clearly visible (as given as the second element), and it has a well developed way of citing electronic resources.

Further reading:

Useful resources online:

Writing & citing - Walkthroughs

Academic conduct according to Lund University

Interview with former Vice-Chancellor of Lund University, Göran Bexell on academic conduct.


Avoid Plagiarism in Research Papers with Paraphrases & Quotations. A film by DavidTaylor

One key aspect of academic writing is the use of citations and references. It is important to specify where your theories or claims originate. This brief lecture deals with what you should refer to as well as when and how to do it.
Presented by Fredrik Vanek, librarian at the Social Sciences Faculty Library, Lund University.

Scholarly material and academic writing

Why do you need scholarly material? What is it, and how do you recognize it? This brief lecture deals with important aspects of scholarly material and explains the basics of academic writing.
Presented by Fredrik Vanek, librarian at the Social Sciences Faculty Library, Lund University.

Writing a paper or thesis (for IIIEE students)

Below are two documents regarding writing at the IIIEE. You are welcome to download them for personal use, but please respect our copyright and contact us for any other use of the documents.

BTH: Writing Guide

Reference Management

A great guide to reference management, EndNote and RefWorks made by another Library at Lund University.(If you are interested in using EndNote or RefWorks (LU staff/students) then please contact your librarian for more information)