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E-huset: Subject Guide: Write & cite

Welcome to E-huset subject guide! by librarians Lina Ahlgren & Ola Hedbäck

Citing & Citation Tools

When you refer to another person's work in your writing, you are required to cite its source.  Not doing so is plagiarism

In the text of a work, use a parenthetical citation, footnote, or endnote.  At the end of the document, use a list of sources in a bibliography, works cited, or reference list. Check with your instructor as to which style to use.

If you need assistance with citing resources: contact a librarian.

Citation managers such as Refworks or Endnote are softwares for managing your citations. 

Some features:

  • Create a personal research database.
  • Download citations from article databases.
  • Format bibliographies and citations.

Invest time in a reference management programme?

A reference management program will help you collect and sort the reference you need in your work. Your program is build like a personal library, costumed for your personal needs.

Your library will also be accessible (for some programs, for example EndNote) through Microsoft Word - this will help you create the references within the text as well as the bibliography in a output style of your choice.

The Lund University Libraries Head office and LDC have a site license agreement which makes EndNote and RefWorks available to students and faculty at Lund University. The licenses are financed by the Lund University Libraries Head office and distributed by LDC.

EndNote is available for both PC and Mac and includes the following functions:  

  • Search bibliographic databases on the Internet
  • Organize references, images, PDFs and other files
  • Create manuscripts with built-in output styles as well as automatic bibliographies.      

The licence agreement also includes Reference Manager. However, this program is only available for PC.
Contact your IT-department if you wish to start using EndNote or Reference Manager.

RefWorks is a webbased program. There are many other programs available, some you need to buy a license for yourself, other are free accessible on the Internet.

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