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Find articles - Basic Search Approach

The easiest way to find journal articles on a topic is to search LUBsearch. This service searches across articles held in most of the journals covered by Library subscriptions. One search on LUBsearch will also find relevant content in our e-books, online encyclopedias, and other sources.


Google Scholar is a subset of the Google search engine dedicated to discovering items published by academic authors.  Results may include books articles, conference proceedings, or even PowerPoint or Prezi presentations.  Useful Google Scholar features include ‘Cited By’, which indicates other authors who have cited the work you have discovered, and ‘Related Articles’, which uses Google algorithms to find other items related to the subject of the item you have discovered.

It is highly recommended that you go through the library’s homepage to get to Google Scholar. In LUBsearch click on Databases A-Z, and find Google Scholar in the Database list. Accessing Google Scholar in this way allow Google to recognize you as a member of the LU campus community, and Google will alert you, with information on the right-hand side of the screen, which items you can access because they are already in the library’s collection of owned or licensed materials.

Google Scholar