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Academic writing and references

Social Sciences Faculty Library

What does academic writing mean?

Academic writing is about, independently as well as based on the knowledge retrieved from others, writing in your own words how you have solved a problem or problematized a certain aspect. You'll have to state clearly which facts and thoughts you've found in the literature and what is your own contribution by using in-text- references and collect all your sources in a reference list.

Academic writing is also about following the conventions of your subject discipline regarding language, terminology and reference style.

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Research methods

Are you looking for literature on social research methods? Use these guides for tips: 

Research Methods & Encyclopedias in Social Sciences is our guide to a selection of books on methods, research and academic writing in the social sciences. All books are available at the Social Science Faculty Library or as an e-book.

Sage Research Methods Online is a tool designed to help you create research projects and understand the methods behind them. Here you'll find over 1400 method terms described and about 600 books and encyclopedias on research methods.

Sage Campus supports the teaching and learning of skills and research methods through 250+ hours of structured online learning. Our online courses are self-paced and instructor-led, comprising an engaging mix of SAGE-quality content, video, interactives, and formative assessments.


The AWELU platform is an online resource for academic writing in English at Lund University.

It should be noted that AWELU is not a course platform, but a resource platform for self-help, in the sense that the resources have been designed to help individual users working with their texts

Citing & Referencing

Usually, your department specifies which reference system you should use in your written assignmentsThe most important thing when you are writing an academic text is to ensure that you include references in all the right places in your work, and acknowledge your indebtedness to others for ideas and facts. 

Tools for reference management

A reference management program will help you collect and sort the reference you need in your work. You can use it all the way in your Word document or just add a reference list at the end of your paper.

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