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Microscopy-Based High-Content Screening (High-Content Imaging): Home

Literature, tools and other resources for microscopy-based high-content screening (HCS), also referred to as high-content analysis (HCA) or high-content imaging (HCI). Covered areas include microscopy theory, screening procedures, image analysis, phenotyp
Welcome to the topic guide on microscopy-based high-content screening!


This guide provides literature references and links to other resources for those interested in the different aspects of microscopy-based high-content screening (HCS), which is also referred to as high-content imaging (HCI) or high-content analysis (HCA).


General literature for HCS

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Image analysis and phenotypic profiling

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Data presentation

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Data management

Kozak K, Eshun B. The handling and analysis of large scale high content screening data. European Pharmaceutical Review 2007. https://www.europeanpharmaceuticalreview.com/article/2273/the-handling-and-analysis-of-large-scale-high-content-screening-data/



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