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Select databases and search tools

Select databases and search tools

Depending on what subject or problem statement you are interested in, different databases might be relevant for you in order to cover your information needs. Each database has different scope and subject coverage. Our most common databases within medicine and nursing, PubMed and CINAHL, as well as our multidiciplinary search engine LUBsearch can be found on our Library website: Databases and search tools

Searching in multiple databases enables you to cover more material than limiting your search to just one. Through our database list you can access our databases outside the campus by logging in with your student account. Not sure where to start searching? Why not try out PubMed, since it covers a majority of medical subject areas?

Additional videos on how to find research articles and search in our databases can be found on the Search terms and Search Strategies pages.

Access databases from Lund University

Video - How to access databases at Lund University (2:54 min)

Global Health - a database for public health

This seven minutes-tutorial guides you to the database Global Health. The database is relevant to use if you are looking for public health related research

Video - How to use the database Global Health (6:53 min)


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