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Search, evaluate, write and cite

Support for students at the Faculty of Medicine.

New guide - Search, evaluate, cite

This guide will no longer be updated. It has been replaced by our new guide:

  • Search, evaluate, cite - Guide to searching, evaluating and citing. Medical Faculty Library, Lund University.



Write references - refer to your sources according to the guidelines

Support and help with your references

There are general guidelines on how and when to cite sources you use in your work. How you write your references depends on which referencing system you use. The Vancouver referencing system is often used within Medicine, while the APA referencing system is more common within Health Sciences, such as Nursing and Occupational Therapy. Harvard is most common within Public Health.




Cite correctly - Avoid plagiarism

When writing a thesis, it is important to clearly state whether you are writing something that you have found from another text. It must be stated if your own thoughts and formulations or someone else's, and if so, where you have found it. It's about academic integrity. If you do not refer to your sources (whether it concerns text or images) you commit plagiarism, which may lead to suspension from the university. The Faculty of Medicine uses the Urkund program to check that plagiarism has not taken place.

  • Academic integrity (Lund University Libraries)
  • Refero (anti plagiarism guide from the libraries of Blekinge Institute of Technology and Linnaeus University)
  • Stop Plagiarism (Universities of  Southern Denmark, Aarhus and Copenhagen)

Image of the start page of the video Useful tips for academic writing Göteborg university

This video from Göteborg University give hands on tips ons on how to write accurate academic text and avoid plagiarism. For example how to not get too close to the original texts when writing, such as summarizing and quoting with examples.



EndNote - Reference management software program

Reference management software programs helps you to gather references and use them when you write, both for in text citations and to create bibliographies. Lund University provides access to the licensed reference management software program EndNote. How to get started with and use EndNote can be found here. EN logo

Plagiarism from a Swedish perspective

Plagiarism from a Swedish and an international perspective - Interview with Jude CarrollPicture of Jude Carroll

Video interview with Jude Carroll, Oxford Brookes University made by Jönköping University (5:43). Watch it at JU Play

Laws and Regulations

Why use references?

The parts of a reference


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