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Film Library at the Social Sciences Faculty: Home

Film Library at Sambib

The Social Sciences Faculty Library purchase films for educational purposes that the faculty teachers can use in education.This site is under construction

Films on DVD at Sambib

Below is a list of the films we have at the library, to borrow please contact me. The films are not possible to request in LUBcat nor visible in LUBsearch, but loans are registered in the library catalog, often for the time length of your wishes. It is also possible to borrow a portable DVD-player.

Films are only available for loans by teachers at the Social Sciences Faculty.

Are you interested in screening a film in class?

The library looks into every film of interest and investigates if it’s possible to get hold of with educational screening rights, a must for screening in class/education. Welcome to contact me with purchase suggestions!

We can order from streaming platforms with films for educational screening like Kanopy, Film Platform and Oasis.

It is possible to suggest films for purchase on DVD from any distributor or vendor of films with educational rights, see examples of vendors in the Social Sciences area at this entry. To see which films we currently have on DVD at Sambib, see list at the left.

If a film is available for educational purposes but only as video-on-demand for a very short period of time, i.e. when the library cannot get a physical or digital copy of the film,  see if you can rent it at cost of the department.

Film license for the Social Sciences Faculty

The Social Sciences Faculty Library has a general license from Swedish Film for educational screening of film from several film companies, mostly American but also SF (i.e Svensk Filmindustri), for the students at the faculty. This gives us the possibility to screen films from the participating companies included in the license, and the library can purchase these films on DVD from anywhere. The license also gives us the possibility to screen films available at the Swedish Film streaming platform Film och skola and films from the mentioned film companies available at general streaming platforms as SF Anytime, Blockbuster or any legal platform but only on location. Please contact me for more information.