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E-books and E-readers - FAQ: Home


This guide is designed to answer your questions about how to find, access and use e-books at Lund University. It’s meant for students, teachers, researchers and librarians. You will also find information about reading devices, apps and other tech related issues.

To access digital resources at Lund University outside of LU-campus you must use your STiL-ID (students) or Lucat-ID (teachers). Find out more.

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New e-books at Lund University

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General Terms of Use and Restrictions

Information for students & staff:  Before you start looking for a publisher and try to find an ebook we advice you to first read the information in Restrictions on access & use of licensed ebooks

Information for librarians: Several publishers have additional, or higher, restrictions for access and use, especially for Interlibrary loan and supply of copies to other libraries. Before providing copies to another library, please check the information for that specific publisher under Publishers and Providers. If you are in any doubt as to what is allowed, please contact

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