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Welcome to Mental Health Support - for students 

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What is the Mental Health Support - for students?

Mental Health Support - for students are a suite of internationally acclaimed and evidence-based, accredited training programs that empower and equip individuals with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to support a friend, family member or co-worker experiencing a mental health problem or experiencing a crisis such as being suicidal.

The Mental Health Support - for students course is based on population health and is rigorously researched, both in terms of the content that is included in the course and evaluations of its effectiveness.

It draws on research that shows the important role family and friends have in recognising the changes in emotions and behaviours that may signal a developing mental health problem and take action to prevent the problem worsening.

Higher Education Mental Health First Aid - England

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Training in Mental Health Support - for students is conducted during seven hours, divided into two half-day sessions. It includes theory, reflection exercises, case exercises, group work and films. At the Faculty of Medicine, the training is held by university teachers, study counselors and/or the psychological counselor, who have all trained as instructors in the method.

Part 1

1:1 Introduction, mental health/illness, stress

1:2 The support action plan, substance related disorders

Part 2

2:1 Support action plan for depression, suicidal thoughts and behaviour and anxiety problems

2:2 Support action plan for traumatic events and psychosis.