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Talking books: Reading in your phone or tablet

Talking books

bild på Legimusappen och en kursbok

Stream or download talking books to your phone or tablet

You can use the app Legimus do stream or download talking books directly from Legimus to your phone or tablet.

Get the app in App Store (iPhone, iPad) or Google play (android). Before using you need to log in with your Legimes user identity and password.

The app EasyReader


The app EasyReader is available for iPhone and android and is free of charge. You can use it for the books in Legimus, as well as listening to ebooks in epubBooks and Project Gutenberg. the first time you use the app you log in with either your google account or a Dolphin account, which you can register in the app. In the upper left corner there is a symbol for library, click here to select Legimus or antoher service. The first time you select Legimus you enter your Legimus login.