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Lund University

IIIEE Library and information resources guide

A LibGuide on Library and Information resources for the students and research staff of the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund university.

General search tips

When searching for information in any kind of database or on the web, there are a few things to consider.

  • For what reason do you need the information? Are you going to write an academic paper or thesis or are you looking for some light reading or for information about a country before moving there? The answer to this question tells you which kind of source to look for and perhaps also where to start.
  • If you are researching for academic purposes, then it is always best to find out if someone else has written about your topic before you. Start by searching for student papers and other academic materials. You will find links to different resources where you can do this in the Subpages of this LibGuides page.
  • Pick keywords that describe your topic to use for searching. Use them in several different databases and if possible, try to also think of synonyms and search for them as well. If you find it difficult to use a certain database or portal, then look around for the "Help or "Search help" button. There you will typically find all the information you need on how to use that particular database. This is true for both LUBsearch and Google as well!

In this LibGuide you are meant to find many different places to search and also some optional ways of finding information. Also take a look at the information on how to evaluate a source or a website.

Information on searching from Lund University Libraries

Quick links to books, journals and other information resources

  • LUBsearch - Search the digital library of Lund University as well as our physical collections.
  • LUBcat - LU libraries catalogue
  • Libris - the joint catalogue of the Swedish academic and research libraries
  • LUP - Lund University Publications, All kinds of academic publications from Lund University, including research publications from the IIIEE.
  • LUP Student papers - Essays, papers and theses from LU students, including the IIIEE.
  • Student papers from IIIEE
  • Swedish student thesis - English-language university essays from Sweden
  • Research from Swedish universities - Academic publications at Swedish universities
  • Databases A-Z - Licensed and free resources selected by librarians at LU.

Google Scholar it!

This box lets you search directly in Google Scholar, it's like Google, but with only academic content!

Google Scholar Search

Google Books

This box lets you search directly in Google Books, the collection of books that are scanned, whole works or parts of works, by Google.

Google Book Search

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