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eBooks @ Lund University Libraries: Sustainable Organization Library

Please note

LU:s subscription to SOL has been cancelled as of January 1st 2018 and we now only have post-cancellation access, i.e. access to content published up to 31 december 2017.

The Sustainable Organization Library (SOL) was launched in February 2013 by Greenleaf Publishing and GSE Research. SOL gives access to leading international authors, commentators and researchers on sustainability; case studies on best practice from international organizations; and evidence-based research for practitioners and scholars. The books and journals in SOL have never previously been available as a collection, and many have never been available at all digitally. The collection also includes subscriptions to Greenleaf’s Journal of Corporate Citizenship, Business Peace and Sustainable Development, and Greener Management International journals, and draws on material from a number of international publishing partners.