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Lund University

Library Guide for Students at General Level: Academic Integrity

For students in Physics, Astronomy and Engineering. A perfect place to start finding information.

Source Critisism

Göran Bexell about academic conduct

Professor in Ethics and former Vice-Chancellor of Lund University, Göran Bexell, gives a short talk about Academic Integrity and plagiarism. English subtitles.

Lund University Policy on Plagiarism

Make sure that you know the regulations concerning plagiarism when studying at Lund University. It is your responsiblilty.

Academic Integrity


URKUND is a practical aid in plagiarism control and certifying the authenticity of professional texts.

URKUND automatically checks texts against the Internet, archives and databases and reports any similarities and offers source track-back in an easy to operate analysis.

Follow these steps to use URKUND:

1. You will get an URKUND mail address from your teacher. 

2. You send your thesis or project as a file to the URKUND mail address.

3. You will get a notification from your teacher of the outcome.

For more information about how to avoid plagiarism read the student's handbook at  URKUND.