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How to find the not-so-easily accessible publications: Checklist for accessing resources

Checklist for accessing resources

Problem with accessing resources

If you have problem with accessing an article or another publication, don't give up! You can get hold of (almost) everything.

If the link in the database doesn't work, please try the following:

  • Go to the publisher or journal homepage directly and try to access the resource from there. For links to all important journals, see the Biology library of online journals.
  • Find the resource through Google Scholar, and try all different links (title + links at right hand side). Sometimes the article may be available from more than one place.
  • For older publications, they may only be available in print. Go to Lubito, where you can order a scanned pdf free of charge for the printed journals that are available in storage at the University library. Getting hold of the pdf will usually only take one weekday. NB, search for the journal title!

If you still can't get hold of the publication, we suggest either of the following:

  • Contact the author of the paper, in most cases they are more than happy to send you a pdf free of charge (which is perfectly legal).
  • Fill in the interlibrary loan formIf Lund University simply doesn't have access to the resource, we will buy it for you or lend it from another library (in most cases with no extra cost for you).