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Lund University

E-huset: Subject Guide: Library information for new students

Welcome to E-huset subject guide! by librarians Lina Ahlgren & Ola Hedbäck

Welcome to E-huset!

Bookshelf in the library. Photo.The purpose of this page is to give new students a short guide in how to use the library. At the Library of E-huset you will find information and materials on the subjects of  computer science, computer engineering, communication technologies and electronics.


Opening hours: Tuesday and Thursday: 10-12 and 13-15

Open Library
You can access the library with your LU card Monday to  Friday from 10 am to 3 pm  and check out books with our self service. If you need help, please call 046-222 48 25.



A note about the name of the library: As you may have guessed "e-huset" means "the e-house". So why don't we translate it? Well, for the simple reason that years ago it was decided that "E-huset" is the name of the building and therefor should not be translated.

What you need to use the library

Your student account

The student account gives you access to a number of electronic services that Lund University offers its students; among other things, you can use it to log in to the Student Portal and your webmail. It also gives you access to e-books and journals from home.

Lund University information page about your student account.

Your LU access card

Students at Lund University receive a personal access card, known as the LU card. The LU card serves as an ID card within Lund University and you also use it to access the buildings relevant to your studies and to borrow books at all university libraries. The card is free and getting one is quick and easy. If you don't already have it, you can get it in the card office at LTH Study Centre.

Contact information for card offices at Lund University.



LTH Library

How to make your LU card into a library card

To be able to use the LU card as library card you need to register a new account in our llibrary catalogue LUBcat. You use your student account to register. When you've done this you have to choose a student category and a home library (the library connected to where you study) to activate your card. Now your card is ready to use!

Register new account in LUBcat.

How to find your course books

Look up the books in the library catalogue LUBcat  to find out which shelf they are on or to request them if they are out on loan.  You can find course books for LTH mainly in the Study centre library, but there are a few at the Library of E-huset as well.

The library catalogue LUBcat.

Ebooks and electronic journals

LUBsearch is the shared access point for both electronic and printed material at Lund University. Large parts of the electronic material are available in full text and a Student ID (or Lucat ID) allows you to access this from wherever you are. If you are looking for specific ebook or journal, the fastest way is to search in ePublications. 

LUBsearch - the collective entry point to all the Lund University libraries' resources.

Search for e-journals and e-books in ePublications.

Libguide with a lot of information on LUBsearch and electronic resources.

If you need to contact us

If you need to ask us something or want to book an appointment with us in Zoom, please email us at: ebib@lth.lu.se.

/Ola & Andreas, your local librarians.

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