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E-books and E-readers - FAQ: E-readers

Kindle and Nook

The e-readers Kindle and Nook are very popular in the USA and gaining ground in Sweden. Both of these can mainly be used to buy books from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. They're not very compatible with libraries in general and particularly not non-US libraries.

It is however possible to download the Bluefire reader app to a Kindle Fire, and using it to check out e-books from libraries. Find the information you need here.

Kindle uses cloud technology, and by downloading the app to a tablet computer or installing the program on your PC you can read your purchased books on all kinds of devices, including iPads and Androids. You can also use the Kindle Cloud reader, to read books on- or even offline.
Barnes & Noble's Nook app is not available in Sweden. It's possible to download the software to a computer and read your purchased books on screen.

Cybook Opus

This video is in Swedish only.

iRiver Story HD

Different e-readers

There are a whole lot of different kinds of e-readers. All are not available on the Swedish market.

Sony PRS-T1