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Lund University

E-books and E-readers - FAQ: Apple devices

Bluefire Reader

To check out library books and read them on an iPhone or iPad, you need the app Bluefire Reader and an Adobe ID. You usually have two options:

1. Download directly to your device.

2. Download to your computer and transfer the files to your iPhone/iPad.

The link below explains the process, as well as the videos featured on this page.

New library compatible apps

In the beginning of 2013 two new apps became compatible with library books.

Readmill Bokon

How to check out licenced e-books and read them on an Apple device

How to transfer EPUB files from your computer to iBooks in iPhone or iPad

How to check out an e-book directly to your Apple device

This video is in Swedish only. It's produced at a Swedish public library, but many LU e-books are dowloaded in the same way.

How to use iBooks and the iBook store

This tutorial was created for iBooks 1.0, but works fine for iBooks 2 as well.