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Lund University

E-books and E-readers - FAQ: Android devices

E-book Reader Apps

To check out library books and read them on an Android device, you need either the app Bluefire Reader, the app Aldiko Book Reader och the app Bokon (Swedish) and an Adobe Digital Editions account. You usually have two options.

1. Download directly to your device.

2. Download to your computer and transfer the files to your device.

The links below explain the process, as well as the videos featured on this page. The tab Adobe Digital Editions describes how to use the software.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review

Browsing and Downloading

Good to know: the built-in Android browser doesn't work well with e-book downloading on some devices. It might be worth a try to use another browser, for instance FirefoxDolphin or Opera if you encounter downloading problems.

How to check out an e-book directly to your Android device

This video is in Swedish only. It's produced at a Swedish public library, but many LU e-books are dowloaded in the same way.

Tips on Android e-book reader apps