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Lund University

E-books and E-readers - FAQ: E-books for special needs

Reading E-books at Lund University

E-books and text-to-speech

Many of the e-books available at Lund University are compatible with text-to-speech (TTS) software.

If you have a text-to-speech software installed on your computer you can listen to the text in the e-book. Some e-books also have an integrated text-to-speech function.

If you don't have text-to-speech software on your computer, some of the libraries provide it on the library computers. Ask your faculty library if they have it.

Which books have text-to-speech?

In the list of Publishers and Providers, we have included information on the accessibility of the e-books. If they can be used with TTS, or have a TTS integrated, it is presented in the field  "Text-to-speech" for each publisher.

Tablets and Mobile Devices

Tablets and mobile devices

If you are using a tablet or other mobile device, it can be more difficult to get the read out loud function.

Even if some publishers provide a Read aloud- function, it may not be included when you download an e-book to a tablet or mobile device.

There are some free apps for text-to-speech but depending on the technical format of the e-book, the compatibility may differ.

Some devices might have some built-in accessibility functions, for instance the iPad or Android-devices.

Apple apps for talking books



Daisy Worm


Speak it!





We like...

EBL e-books

EBL provides a built-in text-to-speech function to all their e-books. The TTS works best when you use a computer, but you can also use a tablet or mobile device. EBL e-books simulate paper books where you can browse, make notes and other useful things.

Elsevier & Springer

Most of the books (and other material) are compatible with text-to-speech.


Mostly medical e-books, of good quality. Printed books are simulated, where you can zoom interesting pictures or search for words. Download chapters as pdf-files to listen to them with TTS.

Talking books

This guide (in Swedish) contains information about all kinds of help you can get if you have dyslexia or any visual impairment.

Is reading hard for you?

At Lund University we offer the following forms of learning support:

  • Note-taking
  • Examination arrangements
  • Audio books
  • Contact with specialist teachers
  • Study rooms
  • Mentors

Please visit this site for more information.

Browse Aloud

You can choose to have the content of web pages from Lund University read aloud to you, and even save the pages read as MP3 files. All you need to do is download and install a free plug-in from Browse Aloud (Windows only). For more information about this, please visit the Accessibility site.

Android apps for talking books



Darwin Reader





Listen to eBooks

Did you know that articles and chapters from all 15 reference works on Gale Virtual Reference Library can be downloaded as MP3 files? If you like you can download them directly to Spotify or iTunes!

Available titles:  21st Century Psychology: A Reference Handbook, Encyclopaedia Judaica, Encyclopedia of Education and Human Development, Encyclopedia of Multicultural Psychology, Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology, Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender, Encyclopedia of World Poverty, Endangered Species, Environmental Encyclopedia, Gale Encyclopedia of Science, Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia, Homelessnes Handbook, International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, Pollution A to Z, Water: Science and Issues.