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Political Science & Peace and Conflict Studies Subject Guide: Information Monitoring

To monitor information

There are several ways to monitor information to cover your information need and to keep you up to date in your academic field or with your general interests.

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It's often possible to create alerts in your favourite databases, which will send you notifications when something new has been entered matching your search query or journal alerts. (see the box to the right)

Social Media
Join groups within your subject interest on social platforms on Facebook, or follow researchers, institutions and  organizations on Twitter.

Many scholars, politicians and journalists have blogs that can be interesting to follow. See examples under "Blogs".

Research and Project databases
What's on? Check research and project databases! Many funders have databases where you can get information about on-going research projects.

RSS / Podcast Feeds
If you follow (subscribe) for different RSS or Podcast Feeds you will not have to visit all your favourite websites separately, but instead see the flow of new additions via a so called RSS-reader (like Google Reader).

Research and Project databases

Social networking


To follow blogs can keep you up to date about current discussions in your subject area.


In most databases it is possible to create alerts. Usually, this function requires a free of charge log-in for the specific database. 

These are examples from LUBsearch (and other EBSCO-databases) and Google Scholar:

LUBsearch (EBSCO) Search Alert Guide

LUBsearch (EBSCO) Journal Alert Guide

Google Scholar Alert Guide