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Lund University

Political Science & Peace and Conflict Studies Subject Guide: Academic Writing

Academic Writing

When writing academic texts you need to support your argumentation by using different sources. You have to refer to the texts and sources that you have used, and it's important that you distinguish your own text and ideas from those of others. To do this in a standardized way we use different referencing styles such as for ex. Harvard, Oxford, APA, Vancouver. It's a matter of academic honesty. Learn more here: Academic honesty.

Akademiskt skrivande

Samhällsvetenskapliga fakultetens bibliotek vid Lunds universitet

Reference Management

If you are using or want to start using reference management programmes like RefWorks or EndNote, please consult the Reference Management guide.

Academic Support Center

Skriva och referera

För studenter vid Statsvetenskapliga insitutionen vid Lunds universitet, konsultera i första hand Konsten att skriva och tala.

Nedan hittar du också andra referenshandledningar och handledningar kring upphovsrätt och annat som är bra att känna till när du skriver uppsats eller andra arbeten.

Write and cite

For students at the Department of Political Science at Lund University, please consult The Art of Writing and Speaking (eng).

Below you can find other guides on referencing and academic writing that can be useful when writing a thesis or paper.