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LUBsearch & Electronic Resources: Freely available e-books

Free e-books (Open Access)

In addition to large parts of Lund University Libraries’ electronic and physical collections, LUBsearch also contains a great deal of freely available material, known as Open Access.

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What is Open Access?


Open Access is a system for research publishing in which research material is made available online at no cost to the reader. The cost of publishing the material is covered through a financial model other than the subscription model.

Currently, this system is more common among e-journals and articles than for e-books.




What Open Access resources are searchable in LUBsearch?


In LUBsearch you can find freely accessible material from the following Open Access resources:


The OAPEN platform only contains freely available e-books, whereas the majority of the other resources primarily contain freely accessible research journals and/or articles (read more here).