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LUBsearch & Electronic Resources: Free e-journals (Open Access)

Free e-journals and articles (Open Access)

In addition to large parts of the Lund University Libraries’ electronic and physical collections, LUBsearch also contains a great deal of freely accessible material, referred to as Open Access.

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What is Open Access?


Open Access is a system for publishing in which research material is made available online at no cost to the reader. The cost of publishing the material is thus covered using a financial model other than subscriptions.




Which Open Access databases are searchable in LUBsearch?


You will find freely accessible articles from the following Open Access resources in LUBsearch:


The platform Directory of Open Access Journals contains "pure" Open Access journals, i.e. everything published in the journal is freely available to the reader, whereas services such as arXiv, PhilSci Archive and SwePub contain some articles and other full text documents which have been made freely available via self archiving.

Read more about self archiving here.


Why are not all freely accessible articles searchable in LUBsearch?


Not everything published in Open Access is searchable in LUBsearch due to technical limitations. For example, it is not possible to find so-called hybrid articles, i.e. individual free articles in subscription journals to which Lund University does not subscribe.

In order to access hybrid articles, you therefore have to go via the journal’s website.