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LUBsearch & Electronic Resources: Full Text Finder

Full Text Finder

Full Text Finder is both the link to the page with further links to full text, and the page itself. The link, usually shown with the icon below, is featured on many records in LUBsearch.



It is also visible in some external databases, including PubMed and Web of Science.





When you click on the icon it redirects you directly to the full text from the supplier with most coverage, with an option to go back to the link menu in the top bar.




When there is no full text available it shows you the options to make an interlibrary loan (BasILL) or request an article copy from one of our printed journals (Lubito).




If a link doesn’t work, please don’t hesitate to let library staff know so that we can ensure you get access to the information you need (and so that we can fix the problem), see contact details on Further questions

Thanks in advance!