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LUBsearch & Electronic Resources: Finding Full Text

Finding Full Text

The default setting in LUBsearch is that you only search in accessible full text. The limiter is called Accessible at Lund University and can be unselected if you want to search the entire index (read more about this in this section) .

There are three types of full text in LUBsearch:


Licensed and purchased material


The majority of full text material in LUBsearch is material which Lund University pays for. The material is usually accessible on the websites of the publishers, but sometimes via a third party supplier or in a database. Sometimes the same article or book may be available via several suppliers at the same time; in that case there are several links to choose from, in the results list or via FullTextFinder

The links to licensed or purchased material vary in appearance; they can be PDF icons or Full Text Finder-icons.


Open Access


LUBsearch includes a number of Open Access (OA) resources and usually direct links to the full text (or to the resource if it is not possible to link directly to the full text) appear in the results list. The links are normally indicated as Linked Full Text. Among the resources included are DOAJ, arXiv and SwePub (including LUP).