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LUBsearch & Electronic Resources: Bookmarking and Linking

Bookmarking and linking

Search sessions in LUBsearch have a time limit. If you are inactive for too long the session times out and you have to start again. LUBsearch uses dynamic web addresses (URLs) and since the sessions have a time limit, the web addresses are only valid as long as they are active, after which they become invalid. 

In the web browser, the web address for LUBsearch is as follows:

It is not possible to save it as a book mark or link to it. The following URL can be linked to or bookmarked in the web browser (always creates a new session): 

In Chrome, right-click the link list and choose "Add page ..." to add a web address as a bookmark. In Firefox, right-click the list and choose "New bookmark...". Then copy and paste in the web address above.