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LUBsearch & Electronic Resources: About databases

About databases

In 2016, Lund University paid for access to 201 databases within a number of different subject areas.

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Where do I find the databases to which Lund University provides access?


All the databases Lund University pays for are accessible in Databases A–Z, but the service also contains links to free resources which may be relevant to students and employees at Lund University.

Read more about how to use Databases A–Z here.


Can I access the databases from home?


As a student or employee of Lund University, you have access to most of the databases to which the University subscribes, regardless of where you are working.

However, when you are working off campus, you need to log in to CAS with your student account or LUCAT identity to gain access.



Please note! When you attempt to access databases from off campus, you are directed via a server which authenticates you; for the access to work it is important that you go via Databases A–Z.



Who can assist if I need help searching a database?


If you need help searching a database, ask your library.