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Exchanging your library card: General

Exchanging your library card

This guide is intended for those already registered as patrons at Lund University Libraries. If you are a new patron please create a new library account.

The libraries at Lund university are replacing everyones library card with their LU-card. Those not elegible for an LU-card will receive a new replacement library card.

This will ofcourse affect all library patrons. In many cases it is possible to transfer the LU-card info automatically to the library account and the transition will be easy, simply start using your LU-card as library card. In some cases you will need to visit one of our libraries to match your LU-card with your library account before you are able to loan more books.

The switch will also mean a shift in technology where the new library cards uses RFID. This is why all cards must be replaced as our readers will not be able to read the older barcode based library cards.

Please review the tabs above for more specific information. If this guide doesn't resolve your issues or if you have other questions, please feel free to contact your library.