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eBooks @ Lund University Libraries: eBooks on EBSCOhost



eBooks on EBSCOhost (formerly known as NetLibrary) is a platform containing ebooks in full text. Lund University does not have access to all content on EBSCOhost. If you have never visited eBooks on EBSCOhost before, we recommend that you watch the eBook Tutorial Video or read the User Guide or some of the Help Sheets.

EBSCO now offers ebooks that are DRM-Free, i.e free from restrictions (DRM = Digital Rights Management). So far LUB has only purchased 15 titles that are DRM-Free, see title list below. Conditions for EBSCOhost DRM-Free ebooks:
- Only available for purchases of books with an unlimited number of users.
- No restrictions on printing, saving, copying etc.
- Full-book downloads does not require sign-in to a personal account on EBSCOhost.
- Does not require Adobe ID, Adobe Digital Editions, Bluefire Reader or other special software
- Only requirement: access via authentication to LUB:s collections in our catalogs

- When downloading a DRM-free ebook you will receive an EPUB or PDF file which you can open in any compatible reading application without using an Adobe ID.

Libraries can choose different settings and terms for eBooks on EBSCOhost, these are the terms for Lund University:

USER-LICENSES LUB’s eBooks on EBSCOhost have different user-licenses, some with 1, 2 or 3 user access and some with unlimited user access. Some ebooks cannot be downloaded due to restrictions from the publisher.
SESSION TIME (database) – One (1) hour ; After one hour of inactivity you are automatically timed out of your EBSCOhost session. Please note that an eBook online reading session is independent of a session searching or browsing the EBSCO eBooks database which may have a different duration and expiration after a period of inactivity.

READING TIME (eBooks) – 30 minutes ; When eBooks are read online, they are "checked-out" for a period of time that typically expires after 30 minutes of inactivity. While reading eBooks online, you can prevent the reading session from expiring by any action that updates the eBook (e.g. turning the page, etc.)

– One (1) day ; If you place a hold (reserverar) on a book you must claim it within 24 hours after receiving the email notification, otherwise the next person in line will get the book.

HOLD REQUEST EXPIRES AFTER -  Six (6) months ; If you place a hold on an ebook but do not claim it, the hold will be removed after six months.

& COPYING – Up to sixty (60) pages of an ebook can be printed (or saved) per user as a PDF-file from within the eBook Full Text viewer. The number of pages that you are allowed to print varies depending on individual publisher-specified limits, some publishers does not allow for printing at all. After opening an ebook in Full Text, click on the Save Pages icon (in the right hand menu) to see the Page Limit and the number of pages available for print. If you have reached your printing limit, the option to print or save ebook pages will be temporarily unavailable.

– There are four types of ebooks available on eBooks on EBSCOhost and their checkout (= Download offline) period varies:

1. Open Access Collection: Open Access ebooks have a checkout period of 1 – 7 days (multiple concurrent user access)
2. LUB Collection: Titles owned by Lund University Libraries have a checkout period of 1 day (limited user access) or 3 days (unlimited user access).
3. Samkon Collection: Titles owned by the SAMKON-konsortia have a checkout period of 0 hours (1 user access ; one title with unlimited user access)

4. Ebooks with a limited number of credits: Some titles has a limited number of 'credits', i.e. the number of times per year a book can be read, 1 credit means 1 day. To view the number of credits available for a title, click on 'EBSCO eBooks' in the Search Result list. At the end of the record you will find info about 'Concurrent User Level': Limited User Access (355 Uses Available).

In the Result List of LUBsearch and ePublications there is a link to 'Terms of Use' where you will find information about the number of simultaneous users and the terms of use for downloading and printing for each individual ebook:

User Guides & Help Sheets

eBook Tutorial Video Downloading ebooks (Not available for iPad, requires Flash Player)
How to use eBooks on EBSCOhost with your Apple iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

How to use eBooks on EBSCOhost with your Android device (Phone, Tablet)

The EBSCO eBooks Libguide (for both end users and librarians)


Name eBooks on EBSCOhost
Publisher/Provider EBSCO Publishing
Subjects included Multidisiplinary
Type of resource Platform containing ebooks
Fulltext format PDF
Accessibility Via IP address
Login authentication required No, not on LU-campus. If you are off-campus you will be prompted to login via LU's Central Authentication Service (CAS) with a Student Account or LUCAT-ID.
Number of concurrent users The number of concurrent users varies. Many titles have unlimited number of concurrent users, but most titles have either 1 to 3 user access, please see the title list and info above for detailed information. If a book isn't available when you try to download it you can place a hold on it and recieve an e-mail when it's available.
Download required No, the ebooks are available for online reading in the eBook Viewer, just click on the eBook Full Text link.
Must be borrowed Only if you want to download the ebook and read it offline
Number of days for download The checkout period varies depending on the type of ebook, please see General information above.
Download and read offline Yes, click on the Download This eBook (Offline) link. Please note! Before you can download an ebook you must login to your personal account (free), to create a new account click on Sign in (in EBSCOhost) or My Folder (in LUBsearch) at the top of the site. Your Student Account or LUCAT can not be used for this!
Download to a portable device Yes, see links to user guides for Apple iOS and Android above. You can also download books with the EBSCO eBook App.  You will need an Adobe ID to activate the app and a My EBSCOhost account (free) to download ebooks.
Copying You may electronically download and save a single copy of an individual chapter, an article or other single item of an ebook, for personal use for scholarly purposes, research and educational use. You are not allowed to download and save a whole ebook. For detailed information about copying, please see General Information above.
Printing You may print a single copy of an individual chapter, an article or other single item of an ebook for personal use for scholarly purposes, research and educational use. You are NOT allowed to print out a whole ebook. See detailed information about printing above.
Text to speech Yes, the PDF files are compatible with text-to-speech software.
Export references Yes
Export formats You can save citations to a file formatted for: Direct Export in RIS Format (e.g. CITAVI, EasyBib, EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager, Zotero) ; Direct Export to EndNote Web ; Generic bibliographic management software ; Citations in XML format ; Citations in BibTeX format ; Citations in MARC21 format ; Direct Export to RefWorks.
How do I suggest a purchase Students and staff: Please contact your faculty library.
Librarians: Se Förvärv av elektroniska resurser för mer info.
Restrictions Walk-in users: Users not affiliated with Lund University may be permitted access to eBooks on EBSCOhost, but only within the physical premises of Lund University Libraries.
Interlibrary loan / Fjärrlån Yes, librarians may supply another non-commercial library in Sweden (but not outside) with a single paper copy of a document. This can be done by post or fax, but not via e-mail. By ‘document’ is meant an individual chapter, an article or other single item, but not a complete journal volume or a complete ebook.
Text and Data Mining (TDM) Policy  
Miscellaneous Problems with Microsoft Edge and some of EBSCO's interfaces has been reported, so if you are using Microsoft Edge and are experiencing problems please try Firefox or Google Chrome instead.