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The two most common citation styles used in chemistry are those of the American Chemical Society, ACS, and the Royal Society of Chemistry, RSC. The Vancouver citation style is often used in medicine. ACS, RSC and Vancouver use mainly numeric style of referencing with references numbered in the order of appearance in the article and listed in that order at the end of the article.

The Harvard citation style, the author-date system, is used in some publications. 

Researchers are always following  the citation style of the publication. 

There are many variations of the Harvard and Vancouver citation styles. Always follow the instructions exactly, do not mix different styles and guides and ask your teacher which style you should use.

Reference management is about keeping track of all the references to books, articles and other material you want to refer to in your text. It is also about presenting the references correctly, both in the text and in the list of references. Reference management software are computer programs which keep track of  and create references.



Correct citations allow your readers to follow up sources you have referred to, so citing is in the interests of scholarly investigation and the sharing of ideas.

If you fail to cite your sources correctly, you can be accused of plagiarism.

Why evaluate critically?
The purpose of critical evaluation is to try to establish whether the source treats what it claims to treat, if it is relevant and reliable.

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