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V-husets Bibliotek - Subject Guides: Resources for researchers

By V-husets Bibliotek - a part of the LTH Libraries

Search protocol

Why use a search protocol? The search protocol helps you keep track of searches and key words.

Book a librarian & Research support

Funding databases / Information regarding funding

Reference management systems

Licenced reference management systems from the Lund University are Refworks and Endnote 

Useful features:

  • Create a personal library with your specifik references 
  • Download references or PDFs to your reference management account
  • Get the reference format you prefer with just a few clicks

Need to know more about referencing? Check out the Reference Management Guide.

Remember that reference management systems are not a quick fix to manage your references. You still need to learn how to write & cite in an academic way.

Reference: Harvardystem (SW)


LUCRIS - research information system

Research data