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How to find the not-so-easily accessible articles: different ways of getting hold of articles not available on-line

How to find not-so-easy accessible articles

Sometimes there are problems with getting access to an article, the LU Full Text Finder doesn't link to the article. But don’t give up! You can get hold of (almost) everything….

There may be different reasons to why you don’t get access to an article:

- the article is not available on-line. Then you have to look for where to find the printed version of the journal. Lubito is one joint list for printed and electronic journals for all libraries at Lund University. Articles from journals available in print at Universitetsbiblioteket can be ordered as a PDF. The order is free of charge and will be delivered the following weekday. NB! You must search for the journal title.

- sometimes LU has on-line access but the LU Full Text Finder does not work anyway … Then, you may again use Lubito, but you may also use Biology Library’s list of Electronic Journals in Fulltext: Natural science. It’s an alphabetical title list of e-journals in natural sciences at LU.

- another option is to use Google Scholar to find the article. If you’re outside campus use the Google Scholar link with IP-check at Biology Library’s homepage.

NB! Click on the article title in Google Scholar - don't use the LU Full Text Finder icon!

- If you still have not got the article –  place an interlibrary request or contact your library